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A Specialist Service For Employers

The Employment Law Service is a rapidly expanding consultancy with offices in London.

Telephone Advice

If you are an employer with just a simple general question such as what is the minimum wage or what are the maximum hours under the European Directive then we offer a FREE SERVICE! This advice is given without liability and is subject to a time limit of 10 minutes.

If your question is of a more detailed nature or is specific to your circumstances then we can provide you with telephone support that will not break the bank. We charge £60.00 per hour for this service which is subject to a minimum charge £30.00 and is billed in 10 minute slots. If we do not have the answer for you right away then we will call you back once we have the correct information, you will only be charged for time actually spent on the telephone.

For either service call us on 0800 622 6149 and ask for Company Support. You will be told whether your call is chargeable or not.

Full Consultancy Services

Employment Tribunal and Appeal Court Representation
For those of you who are facing action in the Employment Tribunal or are appealing a decision of a Employment Tribunal then we can help. Obviously you will probably need some consultation and case preparation first and this will be charged as per our consultancy services. If you think you case is already prepared and you simply need representation then we charge £600.00 for a full day and £300.00 for a part day at Employment Tribunal and £800.00 for a full day and £400.00 for a part day at Appeal hearings. All of these prices exclude travel costs. These charges are negotiable.

Full Support Packages

We can assist you with the following-

  1. This service is for the employer who wishes us to handle all aspects of his statutory and contractual employment requirements. The package is tailored to meet the needs of each individual employer and is based on the number of employees.Drafting contracts of employment.
  2. Changes in terms and conditions
  3. How to dismiss fairly
  4. Compromise agreements
  5. Negotiating a settlement
  6. Representing you before the Employment Tribunal

A typical package for £99.00 would include full contract review of all employees (upto 5 employees), full ongoing telephone support, advice on dismissal and redundancy and full indemnity against legal action by employees or government bodies.

Telephone us on 0800 622 6149 and ask for Consultancy Package Sales.

Anything Else?
If there is anything that we have not covered here then simply telephone us and ask for Sales Enquiries and we will be pleased to help.

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